33YouSee seems to be a flat earther.  More than that, he has a favorite number that he loves to hunt out everywhere.  He thinks finding this number supports his point.  Whatever point he is trying to make is supported by this.  Is there any logic to this? No,

I have debated him in the shape of the earth, he tried pointing out the number 33 which is not evidence the earth is flat.  The best he could do was illustrate that he doesn’t understand 3D geometry by trying to point of that someone would be upside down on the other side of the earth.  He doesn’t understand that down is toward the center of the earth.  Then he started on non-related conspiracy theories which I won’t allow so the debate was over.

It seems he wants another debate.  Since in all the other debates he has been in he did the same things, I’m not very interested.  But he keeps wanting a debate so I will humor him.  If he agrees to my rules.  All 33 of them.

  1. 33YouSee shows his face on screen for the debate.
  2. We each have 2 points, one MUST be evidence in support of our earth shape, the other can either be in support or a debunk of the other person’s view.
  3. Topics are sent to Anti-Flatter, @Huttvalleycraz1
    to verify they are on topic.

    • This keeps it fair so the other party doesn’t see evidence beforehand.
  4. Topics other than earth shape are off-limits. The debate ends immediately if this is violated. This includes pointing out hand signals, special numbers in news articles, claimed hoaxes, etc.
    • I am not interested in is Freemason junk, it’s off-topic. It doesn’t provide evidence for or against flat earth.  Find someone that cares about that topic. I don’t
  5. No reuse of topics already covered in our previous debate. This applies to me too.
    • This means you can’t go on about someone look at someone on earth flying around the globe being upside down. Too stupidly wrong. It’s boring.
  6. 33YouSee must join the “Pen fifteen club” by writing “Pen” immediately followed by the digits “1” and “5” on the left hand using a black or red Sharpie marker.
    • A blue Sharpie is expressly forbidden.
    • This can happen at the start of the live stream on-screen or before it starts as long as proof of membership is presented before the debate starts.


I am waiting on acceptance of the first rules from 33YouSee before moving adding the rest of the rules.