Flat, let’s have a look.

Flat Earthers are global leaders in censoring people

Math and Science applied to flat or spherical earth

There are several observations and experiments that regular people can do without large budgets.  These all are positive evidence for a spherical earth and have no valid, scientific explanation on a flat earth.  A page for each one will be coming:

Future topics:

  • Moon terminator illusion
  • Sunset and sunrise time from first disc touch to disc fully hidden
  • Sun angular size does not change throughout the day
  • Moon angular size changes only slightly
  • The sun casts shadows on the underside of clouds after sunset
  • Anticrepuscular rays
  • Stars in the Southern hemisphere rotate in the opposite direction from the north
  • Southern celestial pole is visible due south for all observers south of the equator all the time, simultaneously
  • The angular elevation of Polaris and the Sigma Octantis
  • The path traced across the sky on the equator on the equinox requires the equator to be straight

Open invitation to debate Tuesday at 8pm Central

I have an open invitation to debate flat earth every Tuesday at 8pm Central time.  I ask that it be cordial and family friendly.  Have a look at my requested debate ground rules.

If you want to challenge me, send me an email.

Here is my YouTube playlist of previous debates: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhXN9xximc-JXs3gx8aRF2VSziLat4Tcv

I also have a web page listing my debates.

Space Tourism

Space tourism is interesting, so far 8 non-astronauts have paid to go to space.

Flat Earth and Globe Earth Challenges

There are a lot of challenges on the topic of whether the earth is flat or not.  Many of these challenges are questionable.  Challenges have been met yet have not been paid out by the issuer.  Some have ambiguous parameters.  Most have the issuer as the sole judge, hardly impartial.  To address this I have created a framework to be used for challenges.

Legit Challenge Framework

I have issued one challenge so far using this framework and plan several more:


  • Piece Together Maps, flat or not
  • Gravity challenge
  • Future: Physical model of celestial poles and trails
  • Future: Physical model of crepuscular rays
  • Future: Physical model of local sun over flat earth to replicate sundial observations
  • Future: Physical model of local sun over flat earth with equator equinox observations

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