Awake Souls and Limitless

Jason Laufenberg of the YouTube channel Awake Souls and Ronnie James Dio of the YouTube channel Limitless are flat earthers with an actual map/model that they stand behind.  This is a rare thing for flat earthers.  I applaud their work and boldness in supporting a model.

James even likes to issue challenges to people to disprove his flat earth model.  Here is one on FaceBook.  I took him up on this challenge and I hosted this exploration on my YouTube channel.

First challenge.png

You can watch the debate here:

During the debate I tested his map, below are the images from this test.

  1. Testing relative position of the South Celestial Pole as seen from Cape Town, South Africa.

Test 01 Cape Town SCP


2. Testing sunrise, sunset, midday azimuth angles as seen from Anchorage, Alaska, USA on the June Solstice.

Test 02 AnchorageTest 03 Anchorage predictionsTest 04 Anchorage observationsTest 05 Anchorage conclusion

3. Testing the width of Africa across the Tropic of Capricorn vs the width of Australia.

Test 07 Africa vs AustraliaTest 08 Africa vs AustraliaTest 09 Africa vs AustraliaTest 10 Africa vs Australia conclusion

4. Testing the distance of two known flight distances.

Test 11 flights introTest 12 flights DL6Test 13 flights El Al 11Test 14 flights distances predictedTest 15 flights comparison