BigPigSlapper Oink

I am preparing a $10,000 cold moonlight challenge. As of 2022-04-21, it is not live yet. However, BigPigSlapper Oink imagines he completed the not-yet-live challenge. But it gets crazier. In the video where he hallucinated this event, he found my video where I was discussing the not-yet-live challenge but refused to watch it. Then showed one of his playlists on the cold moonlight farce and declared that he won my challenge.

You may think this is the pinnacle of human stupidity, but he shot through that record almost immediately.

I commented on his delusional video and checked to see if my comment was visible. It was not visible, here is my comment, also full context comment is below.

It seems he blocked me a while ago. He is a sensitive one. When he was confronted with this little fact, he started lying in a video claiming that he didn’t receive a notification. When you block someone you don’t get notifications. The person that wrote the comment still sees it. I still see it. Thus the screenshot.

BigPigSlapper Oink, why are you such a snowflake? Show your blocklist live on video. You won’t.

Why would you imagine that you could win a challenge without even reading the rules? Has anyone in the history of the globe been so stupid that they thought they could complete a challenge from a position of pure ignorance?

Larger screenshot showing the full context: