Coriolis for Long Range Shooting

Coriolis force is sometimes used for long range shooting. It is situation dependent, but is absolutely used in some situations for more accurate shots. When flat earthers claim Coriolis is not used for long range shooting, they are simply wrong. Below are several resources that shooters use to adjust for Coriolis.

High end ballistics software has adjustments for Coriolis:

Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting by Brian Litz, Chapter 7 covers Coriolis:

Video on Coriolis by Brian Litz, the author of the book listed above.

Article and video on Coriolis from the American Shooting Journal:

High-end computerized scope for long rang shooting: Revic PMR 428

Lex Talus provides “Professional Grade Software to Solve the Difficult Trajectory Problems”. This runs on Nomad mobile computers. The software includes corrections for Coriolis.

The CHEYTAC LONG RANGE RIFLE SYSTEM INTERVENTION TACTICAL SYSTEM includes an Advanced Ballistic Computer. This computer includes corrections based on Coriolis.

Report on the longest shot ever, note the discussion on Coriolis.