Coward’s Live Debate Defense

  1. Blocking
    • The most cowardly way to defend against someone hurting you in the feels is to block them. This tells everyone that you are a total coward.
  2. “There is no debate”
    • Declaring your position is so completely and totally untouchable that you don’t even need to debate is no defense at all. Did you provide an exhaustive refutation already? No, you have nothing.
    • If there truly was no debate, the debate would be quick, the coward would present the mountains of supporting evidence and it would be over.
  3. “Someone else already demolished the challenger”
    • This obvious defense tactic fails immediately. If the person challenging the coward has already been defeated so badly, then the coward will easily do the same. Not accepting shows the coward knows they cannot support their position.
  4. Demand a concession in order to debate
    • A) Demanding the challenger pre-concede one of the coward’s claims. These claims are the thing in contention for the debate, any concession happens after the debate. Not before. Provided you actually support your claims. Clearly, the coward cannot support their claims, and the challenger would never pre-concede. This gives the coward a guaranteed refusal opportunity.
    • B) Demanding the challenger “prove” something in order to debate. The coward will “nuh-uh” whatever answer is given. Another escape opportunity for the coward.
  5. “You’re a shill”
    • Claiming that someone else gets paid to defend a position the coward doesn’t like is a blatant lie. It doesn’t matter, though. This is the coward’s chance to make a fool of “The Shill”, but the coward won’t because the coward cannot.
  6. “Pay me”
    • Why would anyone pay you to participate? Are you able to demand money for appearances on this topic? Did you accomplish something giving your major notoriety? Or are you a small fish in a smaller pond?
    • The coward knows there is no value in paying them so nobody would pay them. Easy escape.
  7. “We are already debating via comments”
    • Since the coward knows they can change the topic at will or walk away when they make a claim they cannot support a coward will use this escape. There is no way to prevent this, it’s impossible to have a debate in social media comments.
  8. Challenge someone that has already said they won’t debate this topic.
    • This is a coward’s way to appear open to debate while safely never getting someone to accept the challenge.
  9. Demand to debate in person at your location.
    • Unless both debaters are well-known why would anyone expect to have a debate in person for unknown people? Nobody.
    • Want to do it in person? Offer to do the travel, otherwise, it’s clearly an escape tactic.