Cracker’s rules

  1. I want 10-12 minutes of time as a rebuttal to the last debate at the very beginning of the live show.
  2. There will no use of screen sharing. This will be a raw, head to head debate without the use of graphics or any other medium besides speech alone. No links, either. Black screen for both of us or no deal.
  3. I will not tolerate the use of ad homs or stereotyping fallacies involving the flat earth community. One peep about flat earthers being “science deniers” or any other ad homs about them being ignorant or uneducated and I will dismiss myself.
  4. I will not tolerate the use of flat earth strawman models. We don’t live on a model, so models are irrelevant to me. Flat is not a model. It’s a recognition of reality. The shape of something flat does not matter. A piece of jigsaw puzzle is planar but it has no defined shape. This debate will be about HIM defending the globe model.  NOT about ME proving the earth is flat, any flat earth models or other irrelevance. I will be debunking the globe. Not defending any flat earth models and cartoons. He can defend his cartoons and vapid use of equations. I have no need for those things.
  5. We will each be allowed to speak in two minute timed blocks maximum. Once that 2 minutes is over, it will be the other person’s turn as a rebuttal with no interruption meaning that when I am speaking, he will be muted. When he is speaking, I will be muted.