Covid-19 Information

This is a paper from 2005 showing when vaccine development for the first SARS virus, and shows the spike protein vulnerability

This is the paper that claims the ferrets died in vaccine trials in 2012

These are the Animal Trials for the SARSCoV2 Vaccines that apparently have not been done

MODERNA Animal Trial mRNA-1273

AstraZeneca animal trial ChAdOx1

Pfizer animal trial BNT162b2

Johnson and Johnson animal trial Ad26.COV2.S

These are the Double Blinded Phase 3 Human Trials for the Vaccines

ASTRAZENECA human trial ChAdOx1

PFIZER human trial BNT162b2

MODERNA human trial mRNA-1273

Johnson and Johnson human trial Ad26.COV2.S

Sputnik vaccine rAd26 and rAd5 vector-based

CoronaVax Chinese Phase 1/2 Vaccine Trial

This is a report showing no evidence of Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease for the Moderna vaccine

These are some examples of people challenging the vaccine trial studies, showing robust scientific process

This is a follow-up study on the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Israel

This is a study showing how effective a single dose of AstraZeneca will be

These studies shows the reduced viral load from vaccinated patients have when infects, using the Ct value of the PCR test to measure it. This indicated reduced transmission

This is a VERY LARGE post vaccine report showing the health outcomes after vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine. There are almost 600,000 people in each group (vaccinated vs unvaccinated)

This is an update on the Pfizer vaccine

This report show a PET scan of a vaccinated person, showing the vaccine remains in the arm, and does not go into the blood-stream

This study shows an excellent immune response to the vaccine in people that previously had a SARSCoV2 infection

This study shows the Pfizer vaccine effectiveness to the British, South African and P.1 (Brazilian) strain.

This shows that plasma from vaccinated people help the recovery of COVID patients

This is a Pfizer press release updating the safety and efficacy of the vaccine

This study compares natural immunity from viral infection vs vaccinated immunity in over 65s

Information on the Brazilian Variant (P1)

This is a brief from the Imperial College on the P1 data they have

Previous SARSCoV2 infection then re-infection with P.1

Non-peer reviewed paper showing modest loss of effectiveness against Pfizer and Moderna against P.1 (referred to as BZΔ10 in this paper)

Discovery of the P.1 strain

Neurological and Psychological problems 6 months after COVID-19

Blood Clotting in AstraZeneca

Proof the B1.1.7 strain (British Strain) is more deadly than the old strain

First vaccine passport

Proof that Vaccines do not cause Autism

Andres Wakefield’s retracted papers

Anti-vax Funded paper showing ” Our data strongly support the conclusion that childhood TCVs (thimerosal containing vaccines) do not produce ASD-like (Autism spectrum disorder) neuropathology or behavioral changes in the nonhuman primate.”