Coffee with a Flat Earther

There’s a lot of animosity between Ballers and Flat Earthers.  I hope to reduce this by having friendly conversations.  I hope we can find our common ground while we all look for truth.


If you are interested in being joining me for coffee, contact me:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @MCToon27
  • Discord: I’m on several servers including:
    • Flat Earth Debate Science vs Pseudoscience
    • The Middle Ground. FE
    • Debate Flat Earth and More
    • 24/7 Flat Earth Discord

If you are near Minneapolis, we can meet in person.

Before the chat, I would love it if we trade an interesting or challenging video, article, or thought.  This will be a large part of the chat.

When we talk I will setup the video call and we will talk before I start recording and after as well.  I want to do as little editing as possible, to keep the flow of the conversation, reduce my time, and avoid the possibility of editing changing context.  I will not publish unless you are comfortable with the video.

We will decide on a time to premier the video on YouTube.  If possible it’s preferable if you can join the live chat.  I will make you a moderator for the duration.

I will also send you the raw video as well as the edited video that I upload to YouTube.  Fell free to do whatever you want, for example, mirror it on your channel.