Daniel John Seppings, International Man of Scammery

Daniel John Seppings goes by many aliases:

  • Daniel Seppings
  • Danny Seppings
  • John Seppings
  • Daniel Frank
  • Tony Sinclair
  • Ken Scott

In 1995 he was kicked out by his own family for some strange Mormon beliefs. Leaving his wife and kids, he moved to the USA to try to fix the Mormom Church based on his woke wisdom. Here is a blog telling the story in his own words:


Here is another biography, which is likely heavily exaggerated: https://web.archive.org/web/20040830041151/http://daniel-seppings.tripod.com/mission-in-the-usa.htm

In the US he married a lady in Utah, Laura. Then moved to Missouri and married another woman, Marjorie. All while trying to fix the Mormon church because he had the only real information and everyone else was wrong.

In April 1999 Daniel made some threats at a Mormon church in Missouri was charged with making a false bomb report and was kicked out of the US.

Seppings left through Mexico where he picked up another wife, Esmeralda. Did he divorce or annul the previous marriages? I think that his wife Marjorie L. Frank from Missouri did after she found out. But, he might still be legally married to Laura and his Australian wife.

This makes 4 wives, never having first legally terminated the previous marriage. Some people have investigated and counted 11 children. I cannot confirm the number of children.

He moved to Honduras where Seppings was scamming people. Claiming he could get them a job paying significantly more than the going rate in Honduras. They just had to pay an application fee of 200 Lempira. He was arrested where they found 22,000 job applications. If he collected 200 Lempira for each application, this is 4,400,000 Lempira. The exchange rate on August, 2001 was 0.063024 Lempira to US Dollar. That’s $277,306, the police also found a plane ticket to Canada. It seems he was planning to leave Honduras with the money.

Not satisfied with scamming thousands of people, he was arrested for raping two minor children. One being 12 years old, which he seemed to consider the age of consent based on his religious views at the time.

I have not been able to find the result of this accusation. The only thing I found was a blog entry that he wrote himself. Being a pathological liar, nothing he says can be trusted. If anyone can get court records from Honduras with the results, please send them to me: mctoon@mctoon.net.

Read the full newspaper article linked below, it will blow your mind!


Another article on his arrest in Honduras: https://wwrn.org/articles/12804/

Supereplica promotional video

After Honduras, he moved to Panama where he expanded his scamming to pretending to make replica super cars. He founded the company “Supereplicas” and would take a down payment of several thousand dollars, but never deliver the cars. There is a huge amount of third party documentation of this so I will simply link to the sources rather than reproduce them here.

Car enthusiast Ryan Grassley met Seppings in Panama and tells his story about the scam:

Ryan has a few undercover videos on his other channel, AltThrottle. Including footage from in the SuperReplica “factory”. The factory is a complete joke.

Daniel made dozens of fake web sites for his car scam. Many are gone, but some still exist, here are a few that still can be found:


In Panama he lived in a sort of Castle. Other things he was scamming or planning while in Panama include:

  • Replica luxury yachts, same scam as the replica cars
  • Jetski hoverboard attachments
  • An eco tourism location where people pay a fee to see artifacts from when Christopher Columbus discovered Panama. “Fort David” or Graceland Castle
  • A company (diploma mill) that issues college degrees from a fake institution “Graceland College”
  • A museum of religious antiquities including the Ark of the Covenant, which he certainly did not have
  • An RLDS church called Church of Jesus Christ Remnant of Jacob

Lying about being at Portsea pier when he’s actually near Brighton beach.

At some point, Seppings made his way back to Australia where he currently lives. His new scam appears to be flat earth scamming.

I had him on for a debate where he lied for 3 hours about things that he clearly had no clue about.

He blatantly lies about where he is filming downtown Melbourne as “flat earth proof”.

He claims to be able to see downtown Melbourne, Australia from across the harbor on Portsea pier. When he is actually near Brighton beach. This is a blatant lie. I suspect he has his sights on flat earth scamming as his next grift.

Daniel found time to write his own book of Mormon prophecy. “The Book of Daniel”. Read it here:

Several other people have compiled information on Daniel. I have way too much information to try to put on this web page. Below are links to sources in no particular order and without commentary. I have several emails and DMs from other people too. The amount of information on Daniel is overwhelming.