Electrostatic Gravity

Since mass-to-mass attraction would collapse a flat earth into a sphere, the flat earthers must pre-reject mass-to-mass attraction.

Some flat earthers propose that the downward acceleration is due to electrostatics. Though, they have never explained how an object with a net-neutral charge could be affected by this. Neither have they explained why the downward force is directly proportional to mass, not electric charge.

Flat earthers have presented a few papers to support their claims. Do these papers support their claims? Let’s have a look.

Gravity as the Second-Order Relativistic-Manifestation of Electrostatic-Force


This paper hypothesizes that there is a unification between gravity and electrostatic-force. Similar to how electromagnetism and the strong force can be unified under certain conditions. This does not dispute that mass attracts mass. This paper agrees that mass attracts mass. Sorry, flat earthers, this doesn’t help.

Electrostatic Gravity Mechanism of Action Based On Dielectric Properties of Physical Vacuum and Physical Meaning of Gravitation Potential

Not only does this article agree that mass attracts mass, but it also agrees that the earth is spherical with a radius of 6.37×10^6 meters and it has a mass of 5.9×10^24kg.

On the Classical Coupling between Gravity and Electromagnetism


This paper is dedicated to calculating the effect of gravity on an electrical field. This paper affirms mass-to-mass attraction, and Einstein’s theories of Special and General Relativity.

Gravitation as a Fourth Order Electromagnetic Effect


This paper is another attempt to unify electromagnetic force and gravitational force. This affirms that mass attracts mass, even if correct, this paper only offers an alternative source for mass-to-mass attraction in our reference frame.