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Question 1:

Gravimeters are precise accelerometers with 9-12 digits of precision. They use a sealed, evacuated, temperature-controlled chamber to house the measurement device. They can be rented by anyone wishing to test themselves.

The measured downward acceleration in Fairbanks Alaska is 9.821981599 m/s^2, in Kauai, Hawaii it is 9.787881888 m/s^2, the Law of Gravitational Attraction, f=G * m1 * m2 / r^2, and earth’s centrifugal acceleration accurately predicts these values to less than 0.25% error, this is independent of the density of the object; what non-mass to mass attraction explanation has been confirmed experimentally or empirically to supplant the Law of Gravitational Attraction with the same predictive accuracy?

Source data for measurements:

Question 2:

When measured using a proper solar filter, the sun’s angular size varies from 31.5 arc minutes to 32.5 arc minutes everywhere on earth over the course of a year, this matches the measured distance to the sun, and the ellipticity of the earth’s orbit; if the sun is not this measured distance and size, how is it’s narrowly ranging angular size explained?