Fake IEEE Document

Tuesday, October 12, 2020 a fake IEEE document was leaked to Mark Steele. The title is “Towards a Model for Bi-modal Meta-Bisturbile Defence Matrices”. Whatever that means.

It was totally manufactured to fool him. It’s all garbage and riddled with inaccuracies, references to games, movies, and other farcical things.

Mark bought it all.

Below is the document as it was “leaked” to Mark. It was printed, stapled, crumpled, and a wet coffee mug was set on it.

Here is the original PDF with searchable text:

I will cover many of the easter eggs in the document starting with the most interesting one. Here is the screen shot Mark posted on Telegram:

Mark’s screenshot with his underlining added.

Note the line: “A ”kill grid” built from non ionizing civilian operators (large arrays)”. Let’s zoom in.

Zoomed in screen shot. Red underlines courtesy of Mark.

“Non Ionizing Civilian Operators Large Arrays” spells out “Nicola“. This is the name of the 19 year old girl that Mark Steele shot in the head in 1993. Well done, Mark, you posted the name of your victim in your own screen shot.

This screenshot includes a code that is apparently base 64 encoded since it ends with two equal signs:

Mark’s screenshot with his underlining added.

Here is the Base 64 encoded text: “Wm5leCBGZ3JyeXIgdmYgbiB0aHl5dm95ciBzaHB4anZnIQ==”. This is the decoded text: “Znex Fgrryr vf n thyyvoyr shpxjvg!” Please decode yourself for confirmation. This is rot-13 encoded. Here is the text decoded from rot-13:

Mark, you posted this yourself. Seems it may be correct.

This same Base 64 encoded data is embedded in the QR code on page 3.

Here is a sampling of the easter eggs, inaccuracies, and invented things in the document. There are too many to cover in detail. The entire document was fabricated by a group of people intentionally toying with Mark’s gullibility and technological ignorance.

  • The title of the document is “Towards a Model for Bi-modal Meta-Bisturbile Defence Matrices”. What does “bisturbile” mean?
  • The first author of the document is “Dr. Casper Darling”.
    • “Dr. Casper Darling” is a fictional character from the video game “Control”
    • “Control” is a third-person shooter video game created by Remedy Entertainment.
  • The second author is “Dr. Gordon Freeman”.
    • “Dr. Gordon Freeman” is the protagonist of the Half-Life series. He is a theoretical physicist who is forced to defend himself and the Human race against hostile Aliens and other enemies following an experiment gone wrong.
  • The third author is “Dr. Yukinari Ohkido”.
    • “Dr. Yukinari Ohkido” is a Pokémon Professor who lives and works at his research lab in Pallet Town of the Kanto region.
  • Page 1, paragraph 4: “Based on projections by Fluke, Mulefire (1991), this is likely to be achieved by the early 21st Century.”
    • “Fluke” and “Mulefire” are the names of professors in the book Ghormenhast by Mervyn Peake.
  • Page 2, paragraph 6: “It is fortunate that such a system can be built by re- purposing the control systems for street-lighting and other commonplace street-furniture.”
    • This verbiage was selected because Mark uses this same verbiage regularly. We discussed if this was too obvious and that Mark might see the intentional usage as a signal this was faked. Apparently he did not see this connection.
    • There are several other similar usages of phrases quoted from Mark.
  • Page 2, paragraph 9: “It been shown to be effective at disrupting bio- logical systems: At low doses these frequencies can cause flu-like symptoms, including inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.”
    • This is another claim Mark makes often. Although there is no research supporting this assertion, Mark loves it. So much confirmation bias.
  • Page 3, paragraph 7: “Meta-Bisturbile square-wave based oscillators had the potential to induce failures in electronic equipment over distances of several miles. The addition of layer-coaxed stoiciometallic anionisation allowed further refinements…”
    • This is an example of one of the many totally invented technobabble passages. It shows that when Mark sees something he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t bother to check it out. He is just accepts it.
  • Citations 1 through 3:
    • These are completely made up. Search for any of these references, none exist. Mark, did you not bother to check anything?
    • Citation 1: F. Derby and P. W. Kale, Void-Weighted bisturbile directed energy weapons, 3rd ed. Harlow, England: Addison-Wesley, 1999.
    • Citation 2: X. Duggelby, Hortons, Fanshaw, Telemetry of the human body in hostile urban environments Washington D.C., U.S.: Sandia National Laboratories.
    • Citation 3: O. Wellmann, Braiding in Photonic Topological Zero Modes Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.
  • Citation 4: A. Watanabe, Modified Cadmium shielding on Besselhiem Plates, Volume 2 Tokyo, Japan: Wiley.
  • Citation 5: A. Tuttle, Biological High Frequency Absorption Using Isotropic Monopole Antennae Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Routledge, 2001
  • Citation 6: G. Newman, R. Hernandez, Applications of Ultra High Frequency resonance w. Cavity Magnetrons New York, NY: Naval Review.
    • Weird Al’s character is “George Newman”. In the movie he was the manager for a TV station, “U 62”.
    • “Raul Hernandez” is a character in the movie, he hosted the farcical TV show, “Raul’s Wild Kingdom” where he unsuccessfully taught poodles to fly.