Flat Earth Black Swan 4

If the earth were flat, all long distance flights would work on a flat map. Long distance flights do not work on a flat map, therefore the earth isn’t flat.

Where’s Wally’s analysis of Greater Sapien’s flight from Sydney to Johannesburg:


These regular flights in the southern hemisphere are impossible on a flat earth:

  • QF63/QF64 Sydney – Johannesburg
  • SA222/SA223 Johannesburg – São Paulo
  • QF27/QF28 Sydney – Santiago
  • LA800/LA801 Auckland – Santiago
  • SA280/SA281 Perth – Johannesburg
  • ANZ30/ANZ31 Auckland – Buenos Aires


Flat earthers may try to deflect and show non-direct flights which usually involve transferring to another plane.  This is just deception.  If the earth is flat these flights would follow a different route and be two to three times as long.  If they follow the same route but just on flat earth, the distances would be 3-6 times as long.

Flattys, don’t like it?  Book the flight, take your GPS recorder, and disprove it.  Until then, the flat earth idea is low-quality fan-fiction.

Flight QF27 on flat earth:

QF 27 FE

Flight QF27 on the globe:

QF 27 globe

Calculated flight distances on flat earth and globe:

QF 27 data

Here’s an example of a real flight that was flown:

QF 27 actual data


Here’s a nice graphical illustration of how flights on flat earth cannot work: