Flat Earth lies

Flat earthers love to lie. It’s the foundation of their cult.

Einstein and detecting earth’s rotation

Misquote: “I have come to believe that the motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment”

Actual quote: “Since then I have come to believe that the motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment, though the Earth is revolving around the Sun.”

Liars cherry pick only part of the sentence.

Source: http://eotvos.dm.unipi.it/documents/EinsteinPapers/EinsteinInJapan1922.pdf

The first Selenelion eclipse

Flat earth liars claim the Selenelion eclipse was discovered in 1666. In reality, they were recorded and written about by Pliny the Elder, Hipparchus, and Cleomedes. Many centuries prior.

Source: https://www.jstor.org/stable/20462630

Authentic Lunar Rock, “Big Mulley”, Apollo 16.

Moon rocks and petrified wood

Liars claim that NASA gave a lunar rock to someone in The Netherlands. The claimed recipient was former Prime Minister Willem Drees. It was claimed to have been given to him by U.S. ambassador J. William Middendorf. However, NASA did not give out samples after Apollo 11, it was years before they started giving out samples. There is no way this could have been an official sample.

Here is an excellent overview of the situation in excellent detail: http://onebigmonkey.com/itburns/maansteen/maansteen.html

There are many authentic lunar rock samples. Stop lying and look at the analysis of these.

NASA’s web site for the lunar samples: https://curator.jsc.nasa.gov/lunar/

They send out hundreds of samples per year. Go request some and publish the analysis.

Apollo astronauts swearing on the Bible

Liars claim that all the Apollo astronauts refused to swear on the Bible that they went to the moon.

Many of the Apollo astronauts are Christians. A knowledgeable Christian knows that Matthew 5 says not to swear on anything.

However, Eugene Cernan, Alan Bean, and Edgar Mitchell did. Flat earthers lie.

Link to detailed coverage: http://www.moonhoaxdebunked.com/2017/07/94-how-come-lunar-astronauts-wont-face.html

Robert Simmons and Photoshop

2002 composite Blue Marble

Lying flat earthers claim that Robert Simmons, a NASA employee, said that all photographs of the earth from space were composites. Even the ones from the 1968-1972 Apollo missions. Which were years before Photoshop or any quality computer graphics editing of photographs existed.

1972 Single frame photograph of the earth

Robert Simmons was referring to exactly one image, the 2002 “Blue Marble”. Which was generated from many photos from satellites, an impossibility if the earth is flat. He was not talking about any other photographs like the 1972 Blue Marble photograph.

NASA never claimed the 2002 Blue Marble is a single-frame photograph. Liars like to point out that they see copy-paste effects or letters in the clouds. It doesn’t matter. The image is openly identified as a computer-edited image.

Source: https://qz.com/192700/the-guy-who-created-iphones-earth-image-explains-why-he-needed-to-fake-it/

Polish Astronaut Cherry Picking

Flat earth liars cherry-pick a small part of an interview with Polish astronaut Miroslaw Hermaszewski where he had been receiving several sarcastic questions. For example, there was a sarcastic question about aliens. In other parts of the interview, he spoke about the earth being spherical.

But flat earth liars cherry-pick the sarcastic joke.

This forum thread includes translations and analysis by fluent Polish speakers:


High Altitude Balloons

One of the flat earth scammers favorite things is to show high altitude balloon footage from a fisheye lens with carefully selected sections of the video that make the horizon look almost flat. They never give the source to the original video.

This is from a presentation given by professional flat earth liar Austin Whitsitt where he included a frame from the “Little Piggy Cam” claiming it is “reality” and comparing it to a fisheye lens.

But lying Austin didn’t mention that this is also a frame from the same “Little Piggy Cam” video:

And so is this one:

The “Little Piggy Cam” has a fisheye lens.