Flerf Bingo

During debates with flat earthers you may have noticed many of the same silly responses or claims.  Thanks to CosmonautSix you can have more fun while watching these debates by playing Flerf Bingo.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 5.02.07 PM


  1. Download the Flerf Bingo PDF.
  2. Pick a page, print it if it helps.
  3. Tell the page number to the Flerf Bingo manager, most likely this is just typing the page number into a live chat.
  4. When you achieve a bingo, announce it.
  5. Enjoy the accolades.


You may ask: “Wait one second!  Normally the middle spot is a free space, why does this one not have a free space in the middle?”

This is because Personal Incredulity is such a basic foundational aspect fo all flat earthers, it’s basically a free space.

Download Flerf Bingo