Mark Steele GCSE Challenge

I challenge Mark Steele to take a GCSE Physics test. If he can pass the test I will send him $1,000 to donate to whatever charity he chooses.

Official rules:


Mark Steele takes a GCSE physics exam in the allotted time prescribed by AQA test rules. The test is scored using the official test key provided. The test will be administered on a recorded video call with Conspiracy Catz as invigilator/proctor. The test is scored and the official test key will be provided to Mark for confirmation that the test was scored appropriately.

At least one day before the test is scheduled, MCToon will transfer $1,000 to Lee Garrett to hold in escrow.

If Mark scores 4 or higher in the test, Lee Garrett will transfer the full $1,000 to Mark to be donated to charity on his honor. There is no need to show a receipt of verification of where the funds were sent.

If Mark does not score at least a 4, Lee will transfer the full $1,000 back to MCToon within 24 hours of completion of the test.

Mark has until November 30, 2021 to take the test. After November 30, 2021 the offer expires.

If the video call is interrupted for scheduling interruptions, technical problems, or any other reason, the test must be rescheduled and completed within 48 hours. If unanswered questions were revealed a new test will be used and restarted from the beginning of this new test.