Gravity Challenge Submission from Gregory Garrett

On 2021-11-16 Gregory Garrett emailed his submission to my $10,000 gravity challenge. Here is his submission as I received it:

Update 2022-01-11

It appears that Gregory’s submission is primarily plagiarized. Here is an analysis with Gregory’s text and links to the source:

From the challenge: “The challenge is to provide an alternative mechanism to accurately predict the measured downward force at different points on the earth without using mass in any way.”

This means a mechanism to predict the downward acceleration at different locations on the earth. These differing measurements are cataloged via IGSN71. The submitter is to provide a selection of 5 different IGSN71 measurements, I will provide 5 different IGSN71 measurements.

My challenge includes a predictive mechanism for the downward acceleration based on mass attracting mass and the globe model. Full details are in the challenge.

The two mechanisms are then both applied to get a prediction for each of the 10 measurements. If the challenger’s predictive mechanism has a smaller margin of error, they win.

Gregory’s submission did not include the 5 IGSN71 measurements. Feel free to send them Gregory.

Neither did Gregory’s submission include a predictive mechanism for the downward acceleration independent of mass.

Thank you for the submission, but it doesn’t meet the requirements.

If you would like to present your case live on YouTube, I would be happy to host you.

If you disagree with my decision, we can move to arbitration where a panel of 3 judges is selected. Please let me know if you wish to pursue this option. There is a section in the challenge outlining this process including the necessary qualifications of the judges.