Gregory Garrett: Plagiarist

Gregory Garrett has written many books. He covers a wide range of conspiratorial nonsense. The thing is that he plagiarises his content.

He wrote a book about me. It’s 800 pages long and he did it in a couple months working part-time. How is that possible? It’s not. He plagiarized the majority of the content. Below is a summary of the plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a crime. If one plagiarized for money it can be a felony with large fines and jail time.

There are PDF versions of the book around. You might even find one on Discord.

This article is not about the premise of his book where he doesn’t understand gravity, I’ll cover that ridiculousness elsewhere.

Gregory is unpleased that I exposed his thievery. He claims that his book is an anthology, and he has published previous books with the same content, therefore he thinks he doesn’t need to cite things that he cited in other books. There are multiple problems with this claim:

The book starts out on pages 2 through 10 with an overview of a religious topic. Written, not by Greg, but by Phillip D. Collins.

Here is a copy of the original text:

Greg makes no mention of Phillip D. Collins on these first 10 pages of text. He cites the writing again on page 428 but doesn’t mention that the first 9 pages of the book are purely copy-pasted from Collins.

On Pages 33-35 Greg plagiarized an article written by Satoshi Kanazawa published in Psychology Today without attribution.

Greg’s plagiarized copy
Original article by Satoshi Kanazawa

On page 36 Greg starts a section with the heading “Linguistic Descriptive Syntax Determines Reality” followed by a copy-pasted section about Einstein and Hume written by Matias Slavovis and published on

Greg’s plagiarized text
Original full article written by Matias Slavovis
Plagiarized section from the original article

On pages 39-46 it appears that Greg troubled himself to write half a paragraph before a large passage of text written by Ted J Kaptchuk, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard.

Greg’s stolen copy
Original text, Greg was kind enough to change the first word from “Facts” to “Confirmations”.

Greg’s plagiarism is so severe that he weaves gravimetry the final paragraph to make it seem totally his own by intermixing the gravimetry topic into Professor Kaptchuk’s text. Here is the original:

And Greg’s woven version:

You notice that he included a URL at the end which does lead to the source work. However, he makes no mention that he totally stole the entire article and changed only the final paragraph to apply strictly to gravimetry. Greg fraud is made clear in how he personalized the copy as if it is his own: “I have argued that research data…” turned to “I have argued that Gravimetry research data…”

Greg is not above plagiarizing Wikipedia. From page 46 he failes to attribute again.

On pages 48-50 Greg again takes credit for another long passage that was actually written by Adam Jefferys called What Is a Confirmed Hypothesis?

Greg’s claimed work
The original that Greg stole

Pages 50-53 steals the majority of the Wikipedia article on Argument from authority.

Page 54 quotes me, from my show. However, without proper attribution. A link to the video where I said it would be appropriate. Ideally queued up to the point at which I said it.

The first quote is not familiar to me and I cannot agree with the statement. I have no idea when I may have said it. It is completely untrue so, appears to be missing context.

The second quote is perfectly accurate. Greg seems not to like that there is not just one scientific method. Does he think there is just one, and it has been handed to mortal men by God himself?

Greg takes a break from plagiarism and shows his misunderstanding of gravity, science, and my $10,000 challenge that he failed. But not for long Page 60 begins a new set of thievery from Wikipedia again.

Greg’s claimed work
The source of his claimed work

Here is a passage lifted from Wikipedia’s article on Invisible College

Greg’s claimed work

Page 64 features a copy-pasted section from the book “The New Conspiracy Reader: From Planet X to the War on Terrorism-What You Really Don’t Know” by Al Hidell and Joan D’Arc.

Greg’s claimed work
Sample page from the book Gregory stole from.

Pages 65-71 are lifted verbatim from an article on a WordPress site called “Freemasons And The Royal Society”. He does include a link to the source at the end but does not indicate that 6 pages of text are not his own, but just copy-pasted from someone else.

Gregory’s uncited copy
Original work by Matthew Scanlan

Greg is too lazy to write anything himself, stealing from the US Government’s document “The International Gravity Standardization Net 1971 (I.G.S.N.71)” by Morelli, C. Gantar, C. McConnell, R. K. Szabo, and B. Uotila, U. He doesn’t even bother to remove the phrase “The use and maintenance of the system is discussed.” which makes no sense in his book.

Even his critiques on gravimetry, misunderstood by Greg, are not his own. Page 70 steals from “Towards the Definition and Realization of a Global Absolute Gravity Reference System” by H. Wilmes, L. VitushkinV. Pálinkáš, R. Falk, H. Wziontek, and S. Bonvalot.

Greg’s claimed work
The source of this work

Gregory spent pages 70-78 copy-pasting work regarding Gravity and Gravimetry from Wikipedia and several other sources. IT would be surprising if he wrote even one sentence of this section.

On page 79 he starts setting up for a useless explanation for a replacement of the downward acceleration: dielectrics. He does this through plagiarism.

The unknowing victim this time is

Greg was so adept at plagiarism that on page 292 he copy-pasted the same stolen paragraph twice in a row.

The original only had the paragraph once in a row. No points for “artistic interpretation” for the double-pasting.