Jeffrey Rogers, Land Surveyor

Flat earther Jeffery Rogers claims to be a land surveyor and that he works for American Layout & Land Surveying, LLC. He presented this card when his claims were questioned:

Jeffrey claims to have 25 years of experience and received a bachelor’s degree in surveying at Penn State College.

Jeffrey is unaware that surveyors have known the earth is a globe for centuries.

The problem is that the earth is not flat. A professional surveyor that thinks the earth is flat has no business being a surveyor. Having a massive misunderstanding about the shape of the earth in a profession that deals with the shape of the earth is simply unacceptable. Will Jeffrey apply his misconception about the earth in his work? Is Jeffrey’s employer willing to accept this risk?

Will a customer employing a surveying firm be accepting of a surveyor that thinks the earth is flat? Does the project include a disclaimer informing the customer that one of the surveyors is wrong about the earth’s shape?

Jeffrey claims that his employer knows about his “views”. On 2023-056-01 Jeff replied to a public post on Facebook about his employer: “my boss knows my views”.

Jeff is also a bit confused about slander, libel, and defamation in general. The libel (not slander) that he committed against me is in the screenshot at the end of this page where he accused me of a very specific crime involving minors.

Jeffrey’s misunderstandings are very severe. He thinks that the state plane system, which are map projections from the globe, prove the earth is flat. Maybe he should review the information on the state planar system from his claimed alma mater, Penn State.

Is there any reason to accept the liability of employing a surveyor that thinks the earth is flat?

Is there any reason for a customer to accept the liability of hiring a surveying firm that employs a surveyor that thinks the earth is flat?

Surely this liability is not acceptable. There are other surveying firms that vet their employees for these misconceptions.

Jeff’s very serious false accusation against me

Thinking the earth is flat is indicative of other problems. Many flat earthers fell for the QAnon conspiracy. Central to QAnon is thinking that there is a global cabal of people in charge of everything and that these people are pedophiles. QAnon adherents often accuse others of being pedophiles without any supporting evidence. This is exactly what Jeffrey did to me when I challenged him on his claims about the shape of the earth.

I appreciate that Jeffrey gave me permission to contact his employer.

This mindset is very dangerous. False accusations can be very damaging to the person accused. Sometimes these people will pick up a gun and take things into their own hands. I don’t know if Jeffrey is a QAnon follower, but a false accusation of pedophilia is severe libel. Libel of this sort is a criminal offense in many states, including Minnesota where I live.

Jeffrey, looking at the laws for Minnesota, just 2 witnesses are needed for criminal libel. There are 4 witnesses other than me. Do you want to retract your accusation?