Snake Oil: Lemurian Plug

Snake oil with a sticker

The Lemurian Plug is a snake oil device that claims

  • 5G Defense
  • Neutralize Toxins
  • Protect Yourself from EMFs
  • Enjoy Restorative Frequencies for Healing
  • Preserve Food
  • Transfer Energy to Phones
  • Appliances run more Energy Efficiently
The original product

In reality it’s just a remote on/off plug with a sticker on it.

The Lemurian Plug is sold without the remote control. Making it less useful than the original product.

How do I know? I decided to purchase one and analyze it. I did a live stream of the disassembly:

I even invited the purveyor’s of this snake oil to join the live stream. They chose not to, but sent along this polite, but funny response:

Since the wireless plug switcher is…wireless, it needed to be submitted to the FCC for approval. Here is the information on the plug that the FCC has on all the wireless products Woods makes, including the wireless plug:

Note: The FCC has not reviewed the wireless plug when the sticker has been affixed.

The people that offered their heartfelt testimonials are quite beautiful and conveniently included black and white glamour shots:

Strangely, these very same people, or perhaps identical twins have different names and are huge fans of Starrs Dance Studio:

Even more strangely, they seem to be identical triplets, have photographs in color, and work at a talent agency:

Does it seem that the testimonials might be a little…invented?

It doesn’t matter. Testimonials never take the place of proper scientific inquiry. For some reason, there are no links to double blind studies on the efficacy of the product. Or anything at all. Why is that?