Livechat Mods

I like to create a family-friendly environment.  This is mostly in the actual video.  The livechat is a little more lenient.  There is no need to delete or timeout comments just for swearing unless it’s excessive.  It’s probably enough just to ask to tone down the language.

Insults are fine to a certain extent, it happens.  Again, excessive is not necessary.  I like to take the high road, I think insults are best left for people that don’t have evidence on their side.  I take it as concession.

Special cases for some commenters:

  • 33YouSee / GreenBullion
    • Feel free to time-out 33YouSee, but please do arrange between all the moderators to take turns timing him out.  Sharing is caring.
  • Joey Rocha
    • Joey is fun for a short time but he starts to seek more attention.  When he starts insulting, hide him from the channel.  I’ll unhide him before the next livestream.
  • Nathan Thompson
    • Special rule for 2020-01-21: Please do not block or time him out except for swearing or insults.  I have an arrangement that he will not be blocked or timed out without good reason.
    • The agreement specifically addressed swearing, if he does, time him out.
    • The agreement also addressed insults.  This is more subjective, especially if people are also insulting him.  Turnabout is fair play.  Best to avoid insulting, let him be the only guilty party.
    • If you are uncertain, send me a DM on Discord.  I will pause the conversation and have a look.