Livechat Mods

  • Only delete comments if they are strongly abusive
  • Only timeout people if they are serially abusive
  • Do not hide people from my channel

I like to create a family-friendly environment.  This is mostly in the actual video.  The livechat is a little more lenient.  There is no need to delete or timeout comments just for swearing unless it’s excessive.  It’s probably enough just to ask to tone down the language.

Insults are fine to a certain extent, it happens.  Again, excessive is not necessary.  I like to take the high road, I think insults are best left for people that don’t have evidence on their side.  I take it as concession.


Special cases for some commenters:

  • The current guest or friends of the guest
    • I encourage dissenting views, people should not feel like they will be blocked if they show up to talk.
    • I do not want to see reports from guests and friends of guests that “MCToon blocked me”.
  • 33YouSee / GreenBullion
    • Feel free to time-out 33YouSee, but please do arrange between all the moderators to take turns timing him out.  Sharing is caring.
  • Gary Wybenga / My2Cents
    • He copy-pastes similar nonsense claims.  He has been invited to participate in a live debate and refuses.
    • Vicky treatment
  • Nathan Thompson / BeTheChange
    • I want to see his comments.
    • If I seem distracted and he is being abusive, then be judicious when blocking.
    • If you are uncertain, send me a DM on Discord.  I will pause the conversation and have a look.