Marisa Keeland

Marisa aggressively tries to be wrong. She is also very toxic.

Claim: infinite limits

It’s unclear exactly what she is getting at here. She doesn’t have a grasp on middle school math so trying to address limits is significantly outside her skill set. Maybe this link will help her:

Claim: rainbows in the house

She is very confused avout how rainbows are formed. She imagines that the light travels through water droplets in the air, then up to the mystical, magical dome, then back down to the water droplet. The curve of the non0-existent dome is claimed to be the reason thar rainbows are curved. When I spoke to her she refused to explain what she thinks is happening. Her “proof” consisted of two claims: rainbows are impossible inside where the dome is blocked, and that there are no triple rainbows.

Inside rainbows:

    • She seems to think that the ceiling is causing the rainbow. Why? How? No answer was given. Also, the ceiling is not curved. Yet the rainbow is curved. Nothing makes sense.
    • She mentioned this one and pre-rejected it. Why? Doesn’t matter. It’s a rainbow inside. She is wrong.
    • This is a full circle rainbow. Not an arc. This is because the water droplets refract the light as it enters, reflect inside the droplet, then refract again as the light exits the droplet. No magical dome is involved.

Triple rainbows:

This is such a mindless claim. How can someone be so aggressively wrong?

Claim: location of the poles

The north geographic pole is the axis of rotation of the globe. It’s at 90 degrees north latitude. The south geographic pole is at 90 degrees south latitude. Why does she think this is a problem? Insanity is the only answer.

The magnetic poles are in different places and they move. The locations are well documcnted.

Why does she think this is a problem? More insanity.

Claim: Sirius is the only binary star.

Mizar is a one of the earliest binary stars to be identified.

Acrux is part of the Southern Cross constellation, also a binary star.

Claim: light travels in straight lines

The default behavior of light without external modification is to travel in straight lines. However, refraction, reflection, and gravity can cause light to deviate from straight. She somehow ties this to a claim that there are no south facing shadows. Tell that to any of the ~1 billion people that live south of the equator and they will laugh.

Or you can watch Cartographic Projection demolish her south facing shadows claim here: