Moon Landing

High resolution satellite photographic map of the moon.

Restored video from source tapes:

Photo archives:

Want to examine them yourself?  You can personally visit the archives:

Telemetry data:

Apollo 15 Personal Life Support System Telemetry data:

  • Astronaut Battery current and voltage
  • Water Delta temperature
  • Gas outlet temperature
  • Feedwater perssure
  • Oxygen supply pressure
  • Carbon dioxide partial pressure
  • Inlet temperature

Apollo 12 Dust Detector telemetry:

Include a graph showing when the Lunar Module took off and, blowing the accumulated dust off the solar cell, then the output increased as the sun angle rose higher in the sky.

Apollo 17 LEAM telemetry data analysis:

Direct PDF download:

Archive of assorted Apollo Telemetry data and analysis:

Did NASA fake photos of the missions?


Did Buzz Aldrin say that everything was an animation?

No, just the live televised step-by-step artist’s rendition, which was never claimed to be real, it was always labeled as an artist’s rendition:

This is the live broadcast from the moon as they exited the LEM:

Were the Apollo 11 astronauts so distraught during a news conference?

No, it was over an hour long and there were times of listening and times of joking:

Did NASA say they cannot go through the Van Allen belts?

No, NASA said the radiation could affect the Orion spacecraft if it is not properly shielded. Shielding solutions must be engineered and tested before trusting the systems with human lives.

“Radiation like this can harm the guidance systems, onboard computers, or other electronics on Orion.”

“But Orion has protection, shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation.”

It’s clear they are not saying they cannot do this, they are saying they must test the systems to ensure the systems work.

Protecting electronics from the effects of radiation

Radiation Effects and Soft Errors in Integrated Circuits and Electronic Devices

Total Ionizing Dose Hardened and Mitigation Strategies in Deep Submicrometer CMOS and Beyond

There is high-quality photography of the Apollo landing sites showing the lander, the experiments that were left, and the footprints.

Just for fun, here is an interactive transcript:

What about seeing the stars in photos or videos?

This covers some:

Earth and Venus: