Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 7.47.52 PMThe Office of Strategic Influence is not real, nobody gets paid by any government to make anti-flat earth videos or anything else of the sort.  It’s not necessary because the earth is not flat.  There’s nothing to cover up.  The document and all associated things were manufactured as a joke.  It was done in good fun.  We hope the people that fell for the joke/prank/hoax can see the humor in it and enjoy a laugh with us.

OSI Logo-largeHere’s the original document in MS Word format: Memorandum

And as a PDF: Memorandum full

To the right is the logo I created as a PNG.  WordPress doesn’t allow uploading Photoshop documents.  If you want the original Photoshop version, let me know, I’ll email it to you.


Below is the livestream from April 1, 2019 where we reveal all the details.

Livestream thumbnail


Still unsure?  Watch this video that I uploaded on January 4th showing the printed out document hanging on my wall in my office.  Also you can watch as I generate the cryptographic hashes.  The description of this video includes information on how you can verify the upload date of the video.

The cryptographic hashes for the text of the document are:


I used Word 15.29 (161209) On Mac OX 10.13.

In the live chat for this video I posted the years of the albums by OSI at 11:45 and also, out of context, posted the name of their 4th album “Fire Make Thunder” at 34:09.

In the live chat of this video Fight the Flat Earth posted all three hashes at 41:32:

Soundly interviews Fight the Flat Earth where the document header is shown in the trash can and Soundly displays the three hashes on the back of his stack of paper at 1:03.


Still thinking the document is real?  Ug, you really want this to be true, don’t you.  Planarwalk covers more details in 2 videos:


The Creaky Blinder was also involved, he was in the livestream reveal.  He posted a video too: