Photos of the earth from space

On 2020-10-11 Trey Diør issued a challenge:

Trey issued this challenge: “The challenge is show me a picture of earth that’s not CGI. I want to see an actual picture of the earth that’s not CGI, compressed, that’s not generated by computer image just to stitch together. Not photoshop. I want to see a real picture of the earth from space that’s real. The first person that shows me a real picture of the earth, I’ll catch app you 100 dollars. Easy, right? You should have picture of the earth, right? From space right? Here’s the cash store it can’t be CGI. It can’t be computer generated. It can’t be compressed. It can’t be it can’t have multiple layers of pictures stitched together. That’s let me get a full picture of the earth that’s not computer rights or nothing. Like that first person do that you get a hundred dollars. 100 dollars to any globetard. Like i said simple challenge right.”

Well, that’s easy. There are many choices. I’ll give several. I’m sure Trey will be so excited to have real photographs from space that he will probably pay for every one.

Starting with Apollo 11 photograph AS11-36-5337. It was Taken on July 16, 1969. This is an analog photograph taken with a Hasselblad medium format camera. The film was hand developed in a darkroom. Since this photograph was taken before computer editing of photographs existed it easily qualifies for Trey’s requirements that is not be CGI, compressed, photoshopped, or layered in any way.

Here is the scan of the physical photograph done by NASA:

Here is the same photograph scanned by the Project Apollo Archive and hosted on Flickr. Notice the color is slightly different. This clearly shows the photograph was scanned at different times by different scanners.

view of Earth from Apollo 11