Quantum Eraser

“Quantum Eraser”, or “QE, or John Stunja is a flat earther. His main tactic is insults, ad hominem attacks, name calling, and generally being very unpleasant toward people.

This is ironic as his video descriptions include this:

Yes, his primary tactic is ad hominem attacks, but he says they are not allowed on his show.

Here is a small sampling of name calling in his video titles:

He is apparently unable to get any higher than the bottom two levels of Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement.

QE also teaches an anti-science methodology he ironically calls “science”. This is probably intentionally confusing on his part. He most likely wants people to think he is a science adherent, when he is not. The main purpose of his anti-science is to deny anything at all the confirms things he doesn’t like. To nobody’s surprise, he doesn’t apply the same scrutiny to the things he likes. Everything he likes gets uncritical acceptance.

He unwittingly shoots his own evidence down in hilarious ways. And then tries to ignore it and presents the same evidence he already ruined pretending he the claims are valid. Though, to be honest, he is probably unaware that he destroyed his own claims.

It’s a comedy of errors.