Roberto Reeves

Such a lovely guy.

Roberto Reeves is a flat earther that doesn’t want to be called a flat earther because he knows that flat earther implies the person is stupid. HE wants to be called “globe skeptic”. But we all know that means he thinks the earth is flat, so he is a flat earther. He is always triggered. This makes it all the more hilarious when he tries to interact with people.

In February, 2020 I challenged him to a debate, he agreed and then didn’t show up. See here for the video where he didn’t show up:

He has spent the last year saying “you can’t debate singular”. Whatever that means. He also trolls my posts on Facebook and blocks anyone that interacts with him. Such a snowflake.

He finally agreed to debate. Well, he insists on not calling it a debate. I agree, the earth is factually spherical, there is no debate. There are no flat earth maps useful for long-range international navigation. The globe maps are. End of flat earth.

He is a fan of derogatory insults.

Here is the livestream where he finally came on:

Here is the “not-debate” with Roberto extracted from the longer livestream:

He claims he has a degree is a psychology field and used to work as a psychiatric nurse. Below are 4 screenshots of how he converses with me. By these conversations I would think rather than working in a psychiatric hospital that he is a patient.

Some people have claimed that I kicked Roberto off the stream. This is more flat earth lies. Here is the screen shot of our conversation immediately before and after the live stream:

Confirming he left, not as a “rage quit” but because that’s what the Scots do.