Challenge: Rory’s £5,000 Perspective calculation

Legit Challenge Framework v0.9a

Challenge: [Be very descriptive and avoid ambiguity.]

Acceptance parameters: [Provide clear parameters to define a successful solution.  Include appropriate evaluation methodologies and acceptable margins of error.  Real world measurements absolutely require a realistic margin of error or do not qualify as a Legit Challenge.]

Submission method: [Video or web page or email or YouTube comment or whatever is desired.]

Submission communication method: [Method to contact challenge organizer when a challenge is submitted.  This could be a comment on the original YouTube challenge video, however these sometimes get missed so an additional method such as email, Twitter DM, SMS message, etc. can be specified to avoid missing a submission.]

Prize: [Clearly state the prize including the type of currency.]

Timing and Number of solutions: [If more than one solution is allowed, specify.  If it’s only the first correct solution, specify.]

Escrow: [For monetary prizes escrow is preferred as it adds legitimacy.]

Judge: [Who is the judge and how it will be judged.]

Arbitration: [Arbitration is required, this is to state the qualifications of the judges.  See Arbitration section of the framework.  Qualifications for the judges on the panel must be specified.]

Expiration: [When, if ever, does the challenge expire.  If the challenge organizer specifies the challenge can end anytime with an announcement, specify the method of the announcement.]

Notes: [Any additional notes or items can be added here.]