Kris Zylinski

Kris Zylinski is always wrong about everything. He likes to make insulting comments to all women:

One of many insults Kris has made

Feel free to read several other similar comments here:

Then he got his ass kicked by one. Tara LaRosa is a hero.

Watch Kris get his ass kicked

Kris constantly abuses women. See these comments he made on Facebook:

Kris abusing woman on Facebook

I have an entire gallery of screenshots at the bottom of the article of Kris abusing women.

Kris is also deeply confused about basic biology which is understood by elementary school children. This a post on his Twitter account:

Kris doesn’t understand how the heart pumps blood

That’s right, Kris can’t understand how the heart pumps blood and thinks it might be magnetism. The level of misunderstanding required to make such a claim is unfathomable.

He is so completely brain damaged that he thinks the earth is flat. He doesn’t understand basic things like gravity, pressure, measurements, photography, science, evidence, etc.

I moderated a debate on flat earth between Kris as “Right the Hand” and Planarwalk. Kris doesn’t know what the equator is, what pressure is, how to measure force. He constantly interrupts and is horribly rude. Watch it here if you can stomach it:

I had a chance to debate Kris. It was short lived because Kris is such a horrible person, the producer kicked him off right away.

Kris is a horrible person so gets ejected from the show almost immediately

Kris flaps away constantly. Insulting people. Not understanding elementary school science. Agreeing to debates and not showing up.

Kris skips out on a debate

Kris is scheduled to debate me Friday, September 25, 2020 at 8pm Central time on modern Day Debate. He has been begging to debate me since he got kicked off the previous debate. I have been asking him to apologize to Karen B for his disgusting comments (see the very first part above). But he refuses to be a decent person.

The requirements are that he apologize with his face on video. He is to use a script he writes and I approve.

James from Modern Day Debate setup this debate without knowing that I had this requirement. Fine, Kris has PROMISED he would apologize to Karen B ON CAMERA after I debate him. Will he keep his word?

“DefinitelyNotRightTheHand” is Kris
“RightTheHand” is Kris

Of course, Kris won’t keep his word. He is a liar.

Here is a selection of screenshots illustrating what kind of person Kris is: