Satanic flat earthers

Quasiluminous, real name Mark Braun claims he is Lucifer. He is the creator of the “Blood over Intent” (BOI) movement. He instructs his cult members to do a blood ceremony and post it on YouTube. He claims then they will be granted access to enter Hyperborea, a hole in the non-existent Mt. Meru at the North Pole. He claims to have “The Spear of Destiny” in his possession and says this will unlock the entrance to Hyperborea.

Typical verbiage of the Blood Over Intent cult adherents.

He used to have a YouTube channel named SuperLuminousTV and apparently used the name “Vance Braun”.

He is actually severely mentally ill. BOI adherents promote drinking urine and menstrual blood. Any flat earther that promotes these practices may have gotten them from Quasiluminous.

They also claim that there is a mountain at the North Pole and that “paradise” is accessed through this mountain. They claim a magnetic field emanates from the hole at the North Pole causing the Aurora Borealis and other effects. Other phrases include “black sun”, “Return to Paradise”, “Entrance to Agartha”, and “Compasses Point to the Garden of Eden”. Flat earthers making these claims probably originated this idea from Quasiluminous. Knowingly or indirectly.

Confirmed Blood Over Intent adherents:

Suspected Blood Over Intent adherents:

List of BOI adherents and videos in no particular order:

Early BOI videos:



Has Quasiluminous audio playing in the background while doing BOI.


In the comments section the video’s author mentions “Quasi”:

He also makes it clear that he is a flat earther using the phrase “plane-et”:


Has some of the same people in the comments saying similar things as on other BOI videos.

Articles on Mark Braun

Santos Bonacci and Blood over Intent:

YouTube Channel “Vision of Hermes” has BOI rituals on his channel and lists Santos as his only referenced channel.

Flat earthers that have similar themes as Quasiluminous but have distanced themselves from Quasilumonous