What is the definition of science?

My personal definition:

Science is the exploration of our universe using logic, critical thinking, inductive reasoning, and deductive reasoning.

Oxford puts it well:

The systematic study of the natural world and its physical and biological processes, through observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanations.

One sentence cannot begin to include the true breadth of science. Berkeley’s “Understanding Science” web site gives an excellent explanation, written to an undergraduate level.

What is The Scientific Method

The scientific method is not dogma. It is not a strict and rigid recipe that must be precisely followed or you will run afoul of the science gods. There is no test to see if someone properly followed “THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD” and if it was not strictly followed, they are following pseudoscience. Rather, it is flexible and responsive. Different situations will have different processes.

A linear sequence is often used as a reference, especially for younger students. The web site “Science Buddies” is a

2) “Understood the scientific method”
This simplistic view of the scientific method written for high school students is generally acceptable:…/steps-of-the…
The scientific method is not dogma. Rather, the process of science is responsive. Here is a much better understanding, written at an undergraduate level:…
(Click the first link.)
If that is still too simplistic, I am happy to refer to a more expansive view like this one, though there are many other sources I am happy to consider:
3) “Refrained from making any claims or responses without supporting scientific evidence”
Absolutely, this is exactly what I always aim to do. I expect any worthy opponent will do the same.
Excellent, that settles my part. Craig McNeill has already provided his response to the same list of criteria. He may even concur completely with the positions I outlined here.
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