Mark Steele Glossary

Thanks to weegerri1sm for compiling the glossary.

WordMark Steele Meaning
77th BrigadeAnyone who disagrees with him, calls him out or debunks him
99%The almost 30 people who voted for him in the Gateshead election!
ClownAnyone who knows what they’re talking about!
Dielectric lens antennaLow gain antenna
Directional PanGod only knows
DummySomeone who is far smarter than he will ever be
Eon/AeonNot an energy company nor a long period of time. The opposite of a negatively/positively charged ion but he doesn’t know which.
EckspurtSomeone with no experience nor expertise of any kind
Following the scienceReferring to the university of YouTube, Facebook, other conspiracy nuts and, presumably, listening to “the bloke in the pub!”
Get the knowledgeSend me money every month to hear more of the usual drivel
Heads up display expertI know how mirrors work
High gain antennaLow gain antenna
I have 20 patentsMy name is on 1 patent someone else invented
I’m a weppans eckspurtI shot an innocent girl in the head
I won the court caseI did not win a court case, in fact, I got fined £180 for harassing and threatening Gateshead Councillors
Kill GridStreetlight
Liiiiiii-aAnyone who doesn’t agree with him
Microstrip patch antennaLow gain antenna
Over the TargetSo detached from reality that he couldn’t be much further from the mark
PanWhat he calls a disk antenna for some reason
Prima facia evidencePapers where I only read the title
Read the scienceI won’t be showing you the science
Reading the signsMisrepresenting credible research for his own devices
Some little witch who’s a mental health patientThat lady who makes all the same claims as me but says I’m with Satan, not sent by the ALMIGHTY
Target acquiring radarLow gain antenna
The mental incapacitance of these peopleReferring to people who question my motives/qualifications
TrollsPeople more educated than me
Urban RadarLow gain antenna
Very very expertHasn’t got a clue but deluded into thinking otherwise
You’re making me uncomfortable the way you’re moving around1. You’re making me uncomfortable by making everyone realize I’m absolutely full of crap so I’m randomly changing the subject.”
2. I have outmoded tendencies towards the type of homophobia that died out on the 1990s