Tanner Stewart

Tanner Stewart or “Flat Earth Millionaire” was in the flat earth comedy documentary “Level”. I did a review video featuring the part that Tanner was in: https://youtu.be/p3IXw1hJoa0

He didn’t like the video. So sad. He did comment on the video so I pinned his comment. I prefer to feature dissenters, not censor them. Maybe he didn’t like the comments he received and he deleted his own comment.

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Why did he delete his comment? Maybe he didn’t like when I asked this:

Also, it seems you think that the prior associations of some of the people that worked at NASA should be used to judge all the rest of NASA.

Would you like to share your full criminal record so people can apply the same judgment to the movie?

I asked him to see why he deleted his comment.

Tanner thinks a cherry picked definition for “level” from Lexico is all you need to look up to determine the shape of the earth. He ignores other sources, like from Merriam-Webster:

Since he thinks Lexico is authoritative, does he agree with its definition for “earth”?

I suspect he would cherry-unpick this definition. He probably would also not like the 45 definitions on my page dedicated to the technical definition of level: What does level mean?

But, the dictionary doesn’t determine the shape of the earth. To do that, it needs to be measured. To no one’s surprise, it has. Well, maybe this is a surprise to flat earthers.

Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy these measurements of the radius of the earth: Radius of the Earth Measurements

Dive in to the 902 page meticulously detailed measurement titled “Transcontinental Triangulation and the American Arc of the Parallel”. Everything is there: The locations of all the measurement stations, the measured angles and lengths, the methodology they used, extensive margin of error analysis. Spoiler: the earth is an oblate spheroid.

Has Tanner looked at these measurements? No. He thinks that not looking at them is refutation. Somehow.