The Truther Paradox

Many people have noticed that YouTube channels and other people on the internet that have “truth” in the name tend to grasp on to untrue things.  It’s a strange paradox.

SciManDan coined the phrase “The YouTube Channel of Truth paradox” to describe this behavior.

This is a list of YouTube channels and other sources that embrace and promote lies.  I’m not going to include links, no need to promote things that are not true.

  • Celebrate Truth
  • JM Truth
    • Twitter: @JMTRUTHTV
  • Zoom Truth
  • Truth Speaks
  • Adam’s Truth Journey
  • Don’t Sphere The Truth
  • Truth Seeker 42
  • zeTETic Truth Tube
  • Hangnail Truth
  • Robert Foertsch
    • YouTube channel: “TRUTH”
  • 7th Day Truth Seeker
  • Vincent Rhodes
    • Calls his channel “Truth News”
  • The Plane Truth
  • Conscious Truth
  • Gospel Truth
  • The Bloody Truth
  • Jaded Truth
  • TruthFlix
  • The Truth About Everything
  • 444thetruth
  • Musicians For Truth
  • the Truth is stranger than fiction…
  • Truth Be Told
  • Truth Detective
  • Truth Finder
  • Fresh look at Truth
  • QuestForTruth
  • geo truthnz
  • TruthNPlaneSight
  • Tellme Truth
  • TruthRevealsAll
  • truth seeker
  • LovingTruth
  • Street Truth
  • Truth Troll 4 God
  • Truth Or Die!
  • Jedi Фf Truth
  • Tommy TelltheTruth
  • Ramsey Truth Bros 777
  • The Untold Truth
  • Pillar of Truth Christian Church
  • True Christian
  • Army OfTruth
  • truth smackin activist on the corner


The paradox extends beyond YouTube:

  • Twitter:
    • @FlatEartherMatt
      • Name: “Embrace Truth”
    • @sonoftruth_
      • Name: “Warrior Son”
    • @IAMAWAKE8
      • Name: “THE AWAKENED TRUTH”
    • @Cosmictruth369
      • Name: “Marika Ntrekos”
    • @truthpleaseno
      • Name: “@truthsorted”
    • @RockyMt2
      • Name: “CO4Truth”


If you have nominations, tweet to me @MCToon27.

If you’re listed and think you actually care about truth instead of lies, tweet me, I’ll tweet back a test giving you a chance to accept truth or stick with your lies.