Witsit Caught Lying 2

On 2023-03-24 Witsit and PhD Tony debated on Modern Day Debate. During the Q&A someone asked Witsit why he doesn’t talk nonsense about special relativity anymore. During the answer, he claims that Bryant Meyers quit making videos and “fell off the face of the earth” because “I was completely correct”.

Of course, Witsit is completely incorrect. His claims about how special relativity works are wrong. Completely wrong. His analysis is specifically Lorentz’ Aether explanation, not Einstein’s Special Relativity.

Witsit references “Einstein’s 2015 and 16 published paper called The special and general theory of relativity”. We can disregard the misspeak about “2015 and 16”, he meant “1915 and 16”. But, he’s still wrong.

It was 1916, not 1915 at all. And it was not a paper. It was a mass publication book that Einstein wrote to explain how he came about formulating his theories. As Einstein explains it in a “step-motherly” fashion. The 4 main papers that encompass Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity were all published in 1915. They were not published as pass market books.

Below is the email Bryant sent to Witsit. Witsit references this email but LIES about it. Bryant’s decision to stop making videos was a business decision, not because Witsit was right about anything.