Witsit Caught Lying 3

On 2023-03-28 I broadcast a live video coving Witsit’s recent list of junk citations that he sent to Bryant Meyers. In the video I guessed that the junk citations has been sent to him as a prank. I laughed at the situation and congratulated the prankster, should he exist.

On 2023-04-03 Witsit was on a Discord server talking the usual nonsense he does when he was asked about the junk citations he had been lying about recently.

In his answer, he lied about what I said in the video:

“And then Mick Toon took that he sent it to Mick Toon and then Mick Toon made a whole narrative that I made. I asked ChetGPT to make up fake paper, and then tried to slam on it’s like I’m dunking on Bryant Myers”

“Anyway, long story short, five of the links I couldn’t find I sent to Bryant Myers. And he they made up this whole lie narrative, a whole video, blah, blah, blah, because they’re losers.”

Witsit knows that none of his faithful acolytes will go watch the video to see that I did not make any such claim. He is safe in the lie.