Witsit Caught Lying 4

On 2023-03-31 WItsit aired the pretentiously named “Schooling Globers 7” where he spoke about celestial navigation. In the comments section, Entangled Mindcells asked this question:”SO then you agree Celestial Navigation that has worked for Centuries is garbage.”

Witsit then made a powerful claim of specificity:

Witsit is very specific in this claim about celestial navigation: “…it consistently DOES NOT work far south”.

This is a lie. Witsit knows he cannot support this claim. On April 4, 2023, on the Earth Awakenings Discord server, when asked to support his claim of specificity did he admit he was lying? No. He lied and diverted.

Witsit tried to divert from the list by citing a book “His Pronouncement” by R. G. S. Collamore. This book provides no documentation of erroneous celestial navigation in the southern hemisphere. Instead, it refers primarily to erroneous magnetic declination and other navigation losses without specific documentation. Nowhere in the book does it detail erroneous celestial navigation.

What followed was a string of constant diversions:

It took many minutes before he tried to support his claim. Will it? Here is the screenshot he sent:

Is anyone surprised that this does not provide support for his claim celestial navigation “…consistently DOES NOT work far south”? The straw he is grasping at is where it uses the phrase “astronomical theory”. Someone claiming “erroneous astronomical theory” is not evidence. It’s a plurality of unsubstantiated claims. What is meant by “astronomical theory”? What specific application of “astronomical theory” was used?

In reality, this is about erroneous magnetic declination. Nothing is ever detailed about celestial navigation.