DITRH Topics


  • We don’t live on a globe flying through an infinite space vacuum. That’s scientifically impossible.
    • Nothing scientifically impossible is presented.
  • Unless you can touch it and measure it and know the distance. You can’t claim anything else about it.
    • The entire field of surveying is about measuring things without touching it.
  • “Michio Kaku says himself that, you know, cosmology is off by 10 to the 200th power”
  • Distance to the closest star, “Trillion miles”.
    • Dave’s initial tactic is incredulity. It’s “trillions of miles”. Big numbers are scary.
    • Dave’s response includes the angular resolution limits of the human eye. Suggesting that things below the limit should be invisible. This is untrue. When things are smaller than the resolution limit the details are unresolveable, you cannot identify details. You still can see the light. A star is still visible as a point light source.
    • He says this angular size claim is “actual math and science”. It is not.
    • This is easily testable at night with a bright flashlight that is a long distance away. When the flight light is smaller than the resolution limit you still see the light.
  • Dave: “There’s no curvature ever measured”
  • Dave: “zero pressure vacuum of space”
    • Space has a positive pressure. It’s very low, but it is positive. It’s not scientifically impossible. It’s measured.
  • Dave: “large bodies of water at rest are flat”
  • Dave talks about military artillery. Artillery and large naval guns include adjustments for rotation of the earth and curvature.
  • Dave claims that a laser can hit a target 100 miles away. This is a blatant lie.
  • Dave claims nobody has ever seen curvature. You can see it here:
  • Dave says nobody has felt the spin of the earth. There is no part of the human anatomy that feels constant rotation. You should not feel the spin.
    • However, the rotation of the earth has been measured many times, here is a short list: Rotation of the Earth.
  • Dave: “we’re not allowed to independently go there” to Antarctica. This is a blatant lie. The Antarctic Treaty guarantees that all signatory countries must enjoy Freedom of scientific investigation.
    • “Freedom of scientific investigation in Antarctica and cooperation toward that end, as applied during the International Geophysical Year, shall continue, subject to the provisions of the present Treaty.”
  • Dave: “Admiral Byrd went out there said, there’s five, there’s at least five plots of land bigger than the United States”
  • Dave shows a map claiming to be from a Buddist Monestari from 1000 years ago. But it’s fiction.
  • Dave: “burning balls of gas in a vacuum”
    • Nuclear fusion is not fire.
  • Dave: “we’ve seen boats from a foot off the ground on a calm day, 70 miles away that would make the radius of the earth have to be more than that then 100,000 miles”
    • Flat earthers never do math correctly. Never.
  • Dave: “So there is no R value of the earth the radius of the earth. It is a made up number.”
  • Dave: “Captain Cook went around Antarctica, it should have been 10 to 13,000 miles, you went over 60,000 miles.”
    • This is intentional deception. Dave knows that the 60,000 miles was over the course of multiple voyages and included the distance from England, south of Africa, Australia, S. America, exploring several islands in the south pacific, then back home to England.
    • https://flatearth.ws/james-cook
  • When asked about Foucault’s Pendulum: “there is a motor in there”
    • Another blatant lie, there were no motors in the 1851 Foucault’s Pendulum.
  • Dave: “And then another weird thing that happens during eclipses are many of the pendulums change directions”
    • Another blatant lie. This is the claimed “Alias effect” but it has never been demonstrated.
  • When asked about Lunar eclipses Dave IMMEDIATELY deflects to the Selenelion Eclipse. These are predicted by the globe, even the location they will be seen. Then he DOES NOT explain how Lunar Eclipses work on flat earth.
    • Dave absolutely ran away from this topic because there is no answer.
  • The diversion was to solar eclipses where he obfuscates, refusing to explain how they work on flat earth and instead claiming that nobody has ever seen the moon during an eclipse. But, Dave didn’t look.
  • Dave says he thinks the sun and moon are projections. But provides zero explanation. Where are the projected from? What are they projected on? Wild speculation doesn’t refute hard empirical evidence for the sun and the moon.
  • Dave: “Gleason’s map that was in every encyclopedia every one library, every school book”
    • Yet no school book with the Gleason map has ever been shown.
  • Shows video of an eclipse, mislabels one as a lens flare and the other as “not lens flare”. Neither are lens flare, they are reflections, likely one is internal to the camera lens and the other is the window that the camera is recording through.
    • None of it matters. There are photos of the moon during an eclipse where you can clearly see the surface features of the moon.
  • Dave claims geo centrists thought the sun was close, they did not.
  • Dave claims nobody has ever seen straight sun rays. I have.
    • Dave must agree the sun is inside the dirt.
    • If sunrays diverge, they must diverge when you look away from them too. Do they?
  • Dave has no idea how Eratosthenes measurements works. Then says “math with incorrect variables can describe anything you want”, but never points out the incorrect variables.
  • Dave’s flat earth kitchen shows that you MUST have something to block the sun, the flat surface of the counter never did. The bottles did.
    • The sunset video shows the sun being obstructed by clouds. Very deceptive.
    • Dave never shows sunsets with a solar filter to remove glare. This it because he doesn’t want people to know that the sun doesn’t shrink into a dot.
    • Dave’s video where its “cold and super clear” is just the glare of the sun shrinking. More deception.
  • Dave mentioned a Polish Astronaught about flat earth. Dave blatantly lies about the context. It was a joke.
  • Dave lied about what Buzz Aldren said.
  • Dave: “Did you know about the Sandusky vacuum chamber? If they can only get like a torr six vacuum they say space is a torr 17.” This shows how incredibly scientifically illiterate Dave is.

Showing stars and planets out of focus using a P900 or P1000.

Autofocus on stars and planets is usually going to fail because ofhow autofocus works. Turn on manual focus and turn the focus ring until the star/planet is at its smallest. This is in focus. Then you need to adjust the exposure. The P900/P1000 does not have manual exposure, but it does have exposure lock. Shine a light directly into the lens, press exposure lock. This will be approximately correct for exposing a star/planet correctly.

Mars properly in focus using a P1000: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Xo0hP5PR8

Mars using a P1000 and a Telescope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tct5opOj9_w

Mars using an amateur telescope: https://arnholm.org/astro/mars/index.htm

Sirius A, B and Rigel A, B with amateur telescope: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/554229-sirius-b-take-3-and-rigel-b/


  • Buoyancy and density
    • Buoyancy is up
    • Density is not a force and has no direction
  • Newtonian and Einsteinian gravity are in complete agreement, see Einstein’s field equations reduce to Newtonian gravity
    • Nobody says that gravity is 96% wrong. That’s a different topic. Does Dave not understand this topic or is he just lying?
  • The Law of Gravitational Attraction is a Law. Not “just a theory”. Not that trying to dismiss something as “just a theory is a refutation. In science a theory is “a broad, natural explanation for a wide range of phenomena. Theories are concise, coherent, systematic, predictive, and broadly applicable, often integrating and generalizing many hypotheses. Theories accepted by the scientific community are generally strongly supported by many different lines of evidence-but even theories may be modified or overturned if warranted by new evidence and perspectives.”
  • Claiming gravity is electrostatic
    • Dave really shows his lack of understanding here:
    • Dave says “If you have a negative force and a positive force, they try to attract each other.” This is true.
    • Dave says “the Earth has a neutral or negative a zero charge.” Which is it? Neutral is not negative. They are different.
    • Several times he states that the earth has a neutral charge. It seems that even though he initially claims the earth is negative, he winds up on “neutral”.
    • Dave says: “Everything in the air is surrounded by a positive charge”, this is absolutely false. Most objects have a neutral charge. There is a very low current 100V/m electrical field in the air. This electrical field cannot be the cause of the downward force since it has little effect on neutrally charged objects and would accelerate up negatively charged objects as aggressively as positively charged objects would be accelerated down. We don’t see this because the field is extremely weak and founding an object is enough to negate the effects.
    • His demonstration shows a very light button being affected by a VERY strong electrical charge from a Van de Graaff generator. Small units can produce 100,000 volts. If Electrostatics was the true cause, this would be a significant effect and any negative charge, regardless of how massive the item was, would acclerate things up.
    • For example, 1,000,000 kg of Lead would immediately float up with the slightest negative charge.
    • Another example: a skyscraper is electrically grounded, the 100V/m charge in the air would cause the entire structure to experience zero force up or down.
  • Dave: “every single thing on earth living or dead, whatever is has an electrostatic charge”
    • This is false. With few exceptions, objects are neutrally charged. Charge imbalances discharge over time.
  • Dave: “if you look at the elements, the lightest elements have the lightest positive charge”
    • All elements have ZERO net charge. Seriously, Dave is scientifically illiterate.
  • Dave: “Walter Lewin, the great physics professor. He says it’s an electric forces that hold our world together”
    • That’s not even a photo of Walter.
    • Dave is cherry-picking Walter. Electric forces hold matter together. They hold your body together. Electric forces are the source of chemical bonds. After the cherry picked part that Dave usually shows, Walter goes on to say that gravity hold things like our planet together.
  • Dave: “The electrostatic charge is 10 to the 36 power, stronger than gravity.”
    • This is true for unbalanced electrical charges. For example, two protons without the elections they usually have. Most things are neutrally charged so the net force is zero on objects.
  • Silent Drove is not changing the charge of the object, it’s using charge to propel air. Just like a propeller does, but not mechanically. https://consortiq.com/uas-resources/what-ion-propulsion-could-mean-for-the-drone-industry

Ships on water

Dave shows a small boat that is never obstructed by the horizon. Then shows a sailboat and claims it is creating a “false horizon”.

He even says “we can zoom in most of the time and bring them back”. However, there has never been an example of a boat that is obstructed bottom up, first just the hull, then half of the ship, then all but the top, then the top, then “zoomed back”. This is a blatant lie. Flat earthers claim this ALL THE TIME, but there are no examples of it at all.

Zoom has never once reduced the amount of a ship that is obstructed.

Series of tests by Dazza the Cameraman with a Nikon P900/P1000:

My personal videos with a P1000:

Why can’t you see Polaris South of the equator

When asked why people cannot see Polaris south of the equation Dave talks about a domed ceiling and perspective. He talks about clouds that are 5000 feet high and says that the stars cannot be seen due to perspective. But he never applies perspective.

Polaris is almost directly over the north pole. In Minneapolis, Polaris is 45° elevation and Minneapolis is 3105 miles from the North Pole. On flat earth applying perspective, this means Polaris MUST be 3105 miles in elevation above the north pole.

The Equator is 6210 miles from the north pole. Applying perspective over flat earth this REQUIRES Polaris to be 26.6° degrees above the horizon. Not 0°.

90° South Latitude where the outside circle of the claimed “edge of the pond” is 12,420 miles from the north pole, Polaris MUST be 14° above the horizon.

This is applying perspective.

This is middle school geometry.

Dave’s Biggest Lie

“I’m offering three Bitcoins for one glow proof, but you have to take the flat earth app challenge every day. There’s a new video featured video on the app, click it, watch it, just watch it for two weeks. At the end of that two weeks. If you can send me one proof of the globe you get three bitcoins on my honor, three bitcoins ready to go.”

This is the cornerstone of his scam. He is telling people they need to download the app. This is NOT FREE. This is why he does the podcasts and shows. To trick people into downloading the app thinking that. hehas. legitimate challenge.

Then, when presented “globe proof” he ALWAYS rejects it.


This challenge is absolutely fake.

  • There is no authoritative place where the official rules are written.
  • There in no clear objectively measurable acceptance criteria.
  • The money is not held in escrow.
  • There is no option for independent arbitration.

Many people have submitted “globe proof” and he never accepts them.

Hey DITRH, will you write the official rules? Will you detail the clear, objectively measurable acceptance criteria? Will you put the money in escrow? Will you detail the independent arbitration panel?

If not, you are just lying.

Some entries to Dave’s fake challenge: