Left to Right curve 2

Tommy Grønvold has repeated the measurement that Rory did.

Location: 59.058238, 10.407123

There is a straight edge set close to the horizon.  This controls any potential distortion due to lens distortion.  Here is the image scaled to 1920×1280, click for the full size:

Curved horizon 1

You can download the original, unedited RAW image file directly from the camera: IMG_0688

Here is the photo with an overlay used to count the pixels: IMG_0688.psd

Here is the Excel document with the results of the counted pixels: Tommy G gap measured

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 2.01.26 PM.png


Photo info:

  • The ship on the left is the Color Magic which is 225 meters long.
  • The lens is a 10-20mm wide-angle lens, not a fisheye lens.