Operation of Strategic Influence

Vaccines don’t prevent disease? 5G phones will kill you? COVID19 isn’t real?

These are lies that can kill.

Does somebody without any engineering background know more about 5G than the phone company? Should the opinion of a suspended nurse count for more than established scientific fact? These folks won’t be persuaded to stop – they make cash by scamming the ill-informed.

Where rhetoric fails, mockery wins: OSI are a volunteer collective who wage information warfare against these malicious liars. We infiltrate them and learn their ways, then create comedically absurd, laughably fake “evidence” that they so desperately crave.

When they fall for our traps, we expose them. We destroy their credibility, and make it easier for anyone to clearly identify them for the charlatans that they are.

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Past exposes:

Mark Steele is an anti 5G scammer. He lacks expertise in electronics, antenna design, or RF. We sent him fake technical documents with absurd information. Things that any expert would laugh at. He believed them all.

Flat earthers are laughably wrong about pretty much everything. Many of them claim that the government is intentionally hiding the true shape of the earth and paying people online to attack flat earthers. So we invented a document saying exactly that. They believed it.