SCToon Show Roles


Your Host will guide you through the show. Carefully conducting you through the exciting ups and downs of the evening.


The Moderator is responsible for enforcing the structure of the debate. Most debates have a well-defined structure that the participants have agreed to. The moderator’s responsibilities also include preventing overtalking, remaining on topic, and keeping a metered pace.

The moderator alone has control over the video call. Most debate formats include alternating speakers. The moderator manages this, typically muting the parties that are not speaking at the time.

There are several debate formats that have been defined. This is a short list of examples, any formats can be proposed by the participants.


A debate channel can’t get very far without debaters. SCToon Show expects a well-prepared debater, ready to vigorously present their case and defend their position. It is preferred to have on-screen debaters with a good camera and microphone. If you would like to participate, the best option is to find a debate partner and contact us via email:

If, you would like to register yourself as a debater for select topics, send an email with the topics you can represent, the positions you take, and any other relevant information.

Under no circumstance will a debater have any other role like host.

Guest Commentator

Sometimes a guest commentator will participate in the live show. They are not debaters and do not get involved in the debate. Between rounds and after the formal debate the guest commentator can add interesting commentary, humor, tragedy, and irrelevant remarks.


The producer is a mostly unseen position, and one of the most important! The producer manages streaming the video to YouTube, scene transitions, media presentation from participants, timer management, and many other responsibilities.

If you are well versed in producing video streams, please contact us, a good producer cannot be thanked enough.

Chat Master

One of the most exciting things about a live debate is participating in the live chat. When people are behaving themselves everything goes well. Sadly, contentious topics sometimes bring out the worst in people. This necessitates moderators for the live chat. The Chat Master is the assigned leader of the moderators for a particular show.

Chat Moderators

To assist the Chat Master are the other chat moderators. The primary responsibility is to head off strongly offensive comments. If you are interested in being a moderator, please contact us:


Each show has a web page dedicated to it with the information from the guests, host, moderator, commentators. The information presented by the debaters may also be posted on the web page for future reference. A webmaster manages this before the show and makes updates during the show incorporating the links and citations from each debater.