Mark Steele

Mark’s other lies:

Mark Steele is a scam artist that preys on gullible people concerned about the health ramifications of 5G cell networks.  He claims he is a weapons expert, he is not.  He has put out several videos examining old streetlights and claims they are weapons systems.

Close up antennaI have started responding to these false claims, first by informing people that the antenna is a 1/4 wave monopole antenna.  He claims:

  • “That’s the antenna, that’s a scanner, it’s radar… radar piece of equipment.”
  • “This is a high gain dielectric lens antenna.”
  • “This can target acquire. Its radar, that’s a scanner, it’s a scanning antenna.”

Anyone with the most basic understanding of antennas can see his claims are pure lies.

I have directly issued a challenge to face me in a live debate:


Mark didn’t like my video and sent a message on Facebook:

2020-05-06.1 Marks DM to me.png

Then promptly blocked me.  He spends a lot of time complaining about getting censored, then censors me.  His hypocrisy validates my claims about his lying.  This is my response to him:

2020-05-06.2 My challenge to Mark

So, Mark, will you step up to debate that antenna live?  Send me an email, comment on my videos, join my Discord server, hit me up on Twitter, unblock me on Facebook.  I won’t censor you.  I’m not a hypocrite like you are.

Challenge sent via Twitter:

2020-05-06.3 Twitter challenge.png


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